Nome: Parietes
Design: Susanna Bianchini
MATERIALS : tuff, lava, limestone
CONCEPT : MATTER . Interpretation of some spontaneous sedimentations in nature.
IDEA : matter’s application in handle assembly for easy installations .
ASSISTANT VALUE : speed setting Product’s uniqueness mark setting’s instructions indications for maintenance and cleaning

Handle assembly 60×6
max depth 2 cm
it can be paved as floor and as horizontal or vertical wall
it can be paved inside or outside
corners with loose laths
recommended for swimming-pools and fireplaces too
2 variants of colour
Handle modulus 60×4
max depth 1 cm
corners with loose laths
it can be paved as wall ( horizontal or vertical ) and floor
it can be paved inside or outside
4 possible variants of colour
recommended for swimming-pools too
easy to couple with slabs of the same materia
Handle modulus 10×20
3 sectional modulus that can be put in horizontal or vertical max depth 4 cm.
External corners: 50x50x50 33x33x50 42x42x50
Possibility to increase :5×5 10×10 20×20 40×40
Use’s ways: towel trader – clothesline lamp mixer mirror wash-basin
Possibility of material’s exclusiveness
Produced for walls
It can be coupled with other materials (non tuffs) for floors
External and internal wallls